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Corporate Information

Executive Leadership


  Mohamed Hyder

  Chairman & Managing Director

 Mohamed Naleer (Neil) Hassim

  Chief Executive Officer

  Ahmed Adhuham

Director & Secretary

With a career initiation in the tourism industry in 1995, I bring extensive expertise to Maldives tourism, travel, and hospitality, along with the founding of G Maldives. As a seasoned professional in tourism investment, I specialise in discerning profitable opportunities and adeptly navigating investment legislation within the local island and resort sectors. ​ My tenure at esteemed resorts like Meeru Island Resort, Reethi Beach Resort, and Maldives Hilton Rangali Island has endowed me with invaluable skills in management and overall operations. ​ Presently serving as the Commerce and Business Development Attaché, representing the Maldives Consulate in Cyprus, I am committed to leveraging my experience to drive economic growth and cultivate strategic business relations.

Beginning as a trainee sales representative, I progressed to the role of sales manager through dedication and expertise. I bring expertise in fast-moving consumer goods, financial lending, and auto sales. Having operated in Dubai's dynamic landscape, I've excelled in marketing and distributing meticulously selected automobiles. ​ In 2006, I pioneered Adventure Sports Tourism, fostering international partnerships and diversifying into commodity exports. My consultancy services in financial transactions further demonstrate my breadth. Additionally, I've expanded tourism offerings to include religious visits, hiking, fishing, and cultural tours. ​ Outside my career, I'm an auto sports enthusiast and hold leadership positions in esteemed organizations, including CEO roles in Motor Adventure Sports and directorships in Bluewater Consortium and Buzzword International Lanka Pvt. Ltd.

As a highly trained and experienced Architect, I have successfully designed numerous prestigious resort projects, driven by a passion for creating aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces. Transitioning into politics, my aim is to broaden my impact and contribute to community and societal betterment. ​ Leveraging my creative thinking and problem-solving skills from architectural training, I tackle complex societal challenges through innovative policymaking. With a steadfast commitment to integrity, transparency, and accountability, I prioritise collaborative decision-making to ensure successful project implementation. ​ My diverse background equips me with a unique perspective, enabling me to deliver cutting-edge solutions and remain adaptive in both architectural and political landscapes. .



  George Jimmy Neophytou

  Director Marketing

With over 15 years of consultancy experience, George is a versatile professional adept in various fields including general trade, construction, investment, hospitality, VIP services, and aviation. Currently providing services to Cyprus-based firms such as Ruidoso Overseas Ltd, D.N.J Home Superior Ltd, and Komodromos Group of Companies, his expertise spans across Cyprus, Greece, the Middle East, Asia, and Australia. ​ George's educational background in mechanical engineering, hotel management, business management, marketing, leadership, sociology, and design equips him with a broad skill set. He is an active member of human rights organizations and political groups in Cyprus and Greece, demonstrating a commitment to societal welfare and diplomacy.


Mohamed Afsheen Shareef

  Director Planning

Beginning at the Ministry of Atolls Administration as a Project Officer for Atoll development programs aimed at enhancing island communities' economic and social development, Afsheen transitioned into the resort construction industry in 2007. ​ With extensive knowledge in development, construction, and related fields, Afsheen actively engaged in various aspects of resort construction, gaining substantial expertise in project management, concept designing, design coordination, material selection, landscaping, and greening. ​ These key areas of expertise have been honed over years of dedicated involvement, positioning Afsheen as an asset in delivering comprehensive solutions within the resort construction sector.

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