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G Maldives Pvt Ltd.

Introduction to the company

G Maldives is a reputable client-based travel agency with over 08 Years of experience and good business dealing in putting together wonderful travel packages, setting up accommodation in Resorts throughout the Maldives, and planning out smooth easy travel details for our clients and customers.


To aid our clients and customers to see the beauty of Maldives and live out their dreams with ease. In a short span of time we have built up a reputable business from the ground up, and we will work to grow our company and gain reputation as one of the most trusted, reliable travel agencies operating in Maldives. We have and will continue to improve our business in favor of our loyal clients.

Why travel with us?

Along with gaining and maintaining loyal customers, and having an amazing team, we are familiar with how the travel and tourism works in the Maldives, and enjoy helping out travelers find the most incredible, beautiful and most importantly, memorable spots for holidays, short trips, and other such wonder filled activities.

We aim to not simply make a sale, but to make a connection. We always encourage our customers to travel to their hearts content, and put hard work and effort into even the tiniest of details in order to make your holiday become perfect. We treat our staff and clients like family; no question too small, no holiday request too big to achieve. In addition to our high quality service, we also offer customer loyalties, bonuses, and even discounts for our most frequent customers, for our only dream is to make your travel
dreams come true.

We practice safe and sustainable means of travel. Every step of the trip is thought over with regards on how to respectfully enforce travel without harming the rich environment. All our business partners are the same, with love and adoration for Maldives and its people. Our promise to our customers is that their travel goals will be reached with ease and class, without harming the environment or other such downsides. We have had 08 years structuring and building our company and services with this foundation of trust and

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